Alaska Air Fare Sale

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Good prices for travel this fall/winter now available on Alaska Airlines.

I’m buying a couple of these tickets for October travel to/from Southern California. To cities like Santa Barbara, the fare is several hundred dollars less!

Hey–I flew back from Ketchikan on Saturday on Alaska flight #65. It’s the second time I’ve flown on this flight in as many weeks. Check out this slideshow I did:

Note: I didn’t list all of the cities on sale–I’ll leave it to you to scrape the Alaska Airlines’ website for your specific destination. I put the rates I thought were pretty good.

Visit the website for complete details. Remember, you must purchase no later than Sept. 10.

Anchorage-Fairbanks $79

Anchorage-Kodiak $109

Anchorage-Juneau $128

Anchorage-Bethel $149

Anchorage-Ketchikan $170 (I paid $462rt last week!)

Anchorage-Honolulu $199

Anchorage-Maui $199

Anchorage-Portland $209

Anchorage-Seattle $209

Anchorage-Chicago (nonstop) $229

Anchorage-Eugene $239 (and other cities in OR/WA/ID)

Anchorage-Houston, TX $239

Anchorage-Billings $269 (and other cities in MT)

ANC-NoCal: $269 (San Francisco and surrounding airports)

ANC-SoCal: $289 (L.A. Basin)


Juneau-Sitka $79

Juneau-Ketchikan $109

Juneau-Seattle $189

Juneau-Bellingham $199

Juneau-Houston, TX $219

Juneau-Portland $219

Juneau-San Diego $219

Juneau-Orlando $239

Juneau-Chicago $249

Juneau-Washington, DC $259


Fairbanks-Juneau $159

Fairbanks-Barrow $189

Fairbanks-Honolulu/Maui $219

Fairbanks-Seattle $269

Fairbanks-Houston $299

Fairbanks-Portland $299

Fairbanks-San Diego $319

You must purchase your tickets no later than Sept. 10, 2009. Travel to/from the Lower 48 through Feb. 10, 2010. Travel to/from Hawaii/Mexico through Dec. 16, 2009.

BLACKOUT DATES (to/fr Lower 48): Nov. 20-21, 25, 28-30. Dec. 18-21, 23, 26-28. Jan. 2-4.

BLACKOUT DATES to/fr Hawaii or Mexico: Nov. 20-22, Dec. 16.

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