Skittle: Star of Alaska’s SeaLife Center!

In Alaska Travelgram, Parks by scott

Head down to Seward to see Skittle, the northern sea otter pup. skittleabovewaterThe Alaska SeaLife Center staff says the northern sea otter pup has done very well in captivity. He now eats solid food such as squid and clams, and can effectively groom the thick coat of fur that keeps him warm and dry in frigid water.

As soon as Skittle arrived at the Center, efforts began to find him a permanent home at a zoo or aquarium with a sea otter exhibit, and he is now scheduled to move to the New York Aquarium on Coney Island sometime in June.

Visitors to the Alaska SeaLife Center may be able to see Skittle swimming and playing in the harbor seal exhibit for the next skittleinhabitattwo weeks or more, as long as he responds to training and behaves himself.

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