Does my Blackberry make me smart?

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Honestly, I don’t know that my Crackberry from GCI makes me any smarter. But one thing’s for sure: THE PHONE is pretty smart.

blackberryI’m not exactly sure about all the features, but here are a few that I’ve “discovered” since I’m too distracted to read the manual:
a. texting. I KNOW–this is elementary, but the interface is clever. You can scroll through your address book (which I downloaded from my MacBook) and send a text or make a call. Pretty cool.
b. Pictures. Y-e-s-s-s. There’s a camera. I know that’s “normal” with phones today. But it’s still a novelty to me. GREAT NEWS: I took a picture and made it my wallpaper. Oh, the TECHNOLOGY. Greatest thing since Vulcanized Rubber!
c. Voice commands. I’m still programming this feature, but it’s pretty cool. “Say a command,” said the nice lady inside the phone.
d. Part iPod. I dumped a fair amount of my iTunes library onto the Crackberry (DAMN the kludge DRM!). The phone comes with standard-issue headphones, complete with little mic for hands-free operations. Pretty nice.
e. Web browser. I’ve finally figured out how to post to my twitter page and facebook using the crackberry. This is particularly useful while I’m waiting in line at the Post Office. Tick tock tick tock.
f. Other applications. Google Maps, Blackberry chat, alarm, Tetris. The list goes on forever. More ways to waste time.
g. Email. This is the best way to keep up on email in my pocket. I dump three different accounts onto my phone. The little mouseball makes it easy to scroll through the messages.

GCI has a special Blackberry plan ($30-$50/mo.) in addition to your wireless plan. Check it out.

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