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I asked Explore Tours to find the cheapest ticket to Las Vegas from Anchorage. Their answer? “It’s cheaper if you take two nights at Harrah’s.”

Hunh? Cheaper to get more?

That’s the way it is these days. Here are three examples where it’s actually less money to take two nights’ hotel than air fare alone.

Hunh? Yep. You heard it correctly. It’s actually less-expensive to stay two nights. Here are some examples:

a. Anchorage-Las Vegas. Air alone= $1,432 for two.  Add two nights at Harrah’s and your price drops to $1,234 for two. That’s a savings of more than $200–just for adding the hotel. 

b. Anchorage-Phoenix air only=$1,376 for two. Add two nights at the Marriott and the price drops to $1,270 for two. That can go to your car rental–or for a couple of nice bottles of wine (or one v-e-r-y nice bottle) with dinner. 

c. Anchorage-Miami air only= $1,540 for two. Add two nights hotel and the price comes down to $1,440 for two. Not a bad deal.

EXTRA BONUS: Instead of the usual 14-21-day advance purchase, there is NO advance purchase with the package. So you could plan your departure this week!!

Check with our friends at USTravel and ask about the Explore Tours specials to these and other cities, including Seattle, Dallas and L.A. In Anchorage, call (907)561-2434 or (800)544-2217 toll-free.

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