GCI’s wireless card rocks

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I was sitting in the “Modern Dwellers” Chocolate Lounge this evening with one of my friends from GCI. Come to find out we have the same “favorite” product: the “Air Card”  (EVDO USB interface) that allows you to tap into broadband speed when you’re within cell phone range. 


You can get the card for just $20 per month as long as you have GCI cable at home. 

“Have you tried the card Outside?” he asked. For those of you living in the “Lower 48”, when you see outside spelled with a capital “O”, that means “outside the state of Alaska–typically in the Lower 48.

“Yes,” I replied. “And it’s suh-weet,” I gushed. True story. No more searching for some ne’er-do-well pirate open network. No more paying big bucks at the hotel or the airport. Just plug in the card and you’re good to go. 

Then we got out our Blackberry phones and started comparing notes. I had to leave before I went and ordered more chocolate (you have to try out “Modern Dwellers”). But you get the idea. Check with GCI and get your Wireless Internet Card today.  I guess we’re all connected, eh?

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