Evolution Data Optimized by GCI

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Better known as “EVDO”, this little gadget is my new BFF:


This IS the actual size of the device. When the uber-geeks at the next table at the coffee shop are hogging the bandwidth with “WoW” , I simply whip out my new wireless device. BINGO. Or perhaps “SHA-Z-A-A-A-M”, I’m getting hi-speed internet right to my laptop. It’s really slick. Get one from GCI today.

Oh, got cell phone? Not sure why not. With new unlimited plans, the GCI cell phone network is perfect for the yakkity-yacker in your family, complete with “text” packages and data plans for your Crackberry. After all–if our president-elect can keep one…well, WHY NOT YOU AND ME??

In fact, there’s a big fat SWEEPSTAKES that GCI is sponsoring for new cell phone signups. Click here.

If you’ve had your GCI cell phone for awhile, stop by the wireless center on Dimond Blvd. in Anchorage for a SIM-card swap. It’s all part of GCI’s efforts to ramp up their own cell network. Call today to find out if you need to swap out your card. 800-800-4800 (Statewide).

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