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I have a big pile of free goodies on my desk. Let’s get rid of them! Send me a note at [email protected] and tell me what you think about the new “blog” format. Tell me you’re encouraging others to sign up to receive the updates. And tell me which prize you want!!

Pick from the following goodies:

a. Rescue Laser from Greatland Laser. These portable signal devices are the perfect backcountry companion. The powerful laser beams can be seen for miles! 

b. Anchorage: Life at the Edge of the Frontier. This is a big picture book by Clark James Mishler. I got one for Christmas. Glorious. Show it to anyone and they’ll want to move to Anchorage!


c. Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula Wildlife Viewing Trail Guide. I have a few of these. There are maps to go with them. Great resource for traveling the Kenai Peninsula this summer.

d. FORT WRANGELL: Gateway to the Stikine River. An historical look at Wrangell, Alaska. By Patricia Neal

e. Anan, Stream of Living Water. This is a wonderful book about Anan Creek–a great bear-viewing area in Southeast Alaska. Bonnie Demerjian wrote the text. Her husband, Ivan Simonek, took the pictures. They’re incredible. 

f. Alaska in the Wake of the North Star, by Loel Shuler. This is the story of an 11,000-mile journey on the USMS North Star in 1950. Art by Rie Munoz. 

g. Alaska Highway guide by Tricia Brown. This includes descriptions of the Alcan Highway and other roads along the way.

I’ll be watching my email box. In the subject line, put “giveaway” and put your name/address/phone in the body of the copy.

Tell all your friends to sign up to get the updates. We’ll have more travel specials in just a couple of days!

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