Winter’s here: Gate Creek Cabins in the shadow of Denali

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Craig and Susie Seibert have a little piece of Heaven west of Trapper Creek in the shadow of Denali: Gate Creek Cabins. Snowmachiners (uh…that’s “snowmobilers” for you bald-faced flatlanders) know all about Seiberts’ place in the Petersville Hills. But winter has arrived there a little early–and we’re here to tell you about it. Here’s Craig’s report:

Good News / Bad News:  8” Sunday (10/12) … and another 6” yesterday (10/13) … this all on a 6” wet base … so the snow is beginning to stack up!  There of course is still no base … so the safest place to ride is Still Petersville Rd .or any road surface with that same 20” of fluff.

Warning: The rivers, lakes, creeks, swamps are still not frozen … which also means rocks and stumps are not covered or protected by a solid base …  they hurt both you and your snowmachines.

The temps are looking better all the time, as they slowly drop below Freezing and stay there, tonight is clear and cold and should continue to drop (it’s 29 right now). Gorgeous Full Moon. 

State D.O.T. as always is doing an AWESOME job again … and all the lots are plowed from MP 8 to Krotto Parking MP 13.5, and from what I’m hearing it will be busy this weekend.

Important: Gate Creek Cabins has no restaurant–you bring your own food. Kenny Creek Lodge opens this weekend with new Owners and Tony the GM says they will offer Pizza until 10PM …  907-733-1310.  The Forks will also be hoping this weekend 733-1851.

Keep the rubber side down and be safe this weekend  the road will be fast, watch out for rocks and old mining equipment….Craig

Thanks, Craig! See you on the trails! Here’s a nice shot of their view. Whoo-boy!


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