Frequent Flyers in Alaska….

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….know that Era Aviation’s commuter coupons are the best deal in town. Purchase a book of eight one-way coupons. The tickets are fully transferable–that means you can share them with friends, family members and co-workers at the very last minute.  Although space is limited, there is no advance reservation necessary. The coupons are valid for a full year. Can’t beat it, IMHO. The prices include all taxes, fees and other charges. Purchase by Oct. 13, 2008.

Anchorage to/from Fairbanks: $ 799.00 ($100 ea.)

Anchorage to/from Bethel: $1249.00 ($156 ea. )

Anchorage to/from Cordova: $1039.00 ($130 ea.)

Anchorage to/from Kodiak:  $1099.00 ($137 ea.)

Anchorage to/from Kenai: $ 669.00 ($84 ea.)

Anchorage to/from Homer: $ 899.00 ($112 ea.)

Anchorage to/from Valdez: $1039.00 ($130 ea.)

Below: Era’s Dash-8 on the tarmac in Kodiak:

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