L.A.B. Flying Service: CLOSED

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The FAA issued an emergency order shutting down Juneau-based LAB Flying Service. 

Until Thursday, LAB operated a gob of flights between Haines, Skagway, Glacier Bay and Juneau. Plus flights to Hoonah, Kake and a host of other small Alaska communities. Many flights were on Piper Aircraft like this:

I just read through the FAA’s emergency order–and there are serious allegations regarding the airworthiness of the planes including loose and missing rivets, oil, fuel and hydraulic-fluid leaks, worn brake disks, busted seats, rusted doors, frayed seat belts…YIKES.

This is a tough situation for the airline, the communities it serves and for regulators who are charged with monitoring the safe operations of air carriers.

We’re headed to Southeast Alaska next week. We’ll be watching to see who picks up the EAS (Essential Air Service) contracts to provide subsidized mail and passenger operations to these small Alaska communities. In Kake, Wings of Alaska is taking LAB’s passengers, according to local reports. 

Me? I’m going on the Alaska Marine Highway and Alaska Airlines.

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