Knik River Lodge: end-of-the-road, Alaska-style

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Just got back from a fact-finding mission at an Alaska wilderness lodge with a twist: you can drive to this one.

The Knik River Lodge is just an hour’s drive from Anchorage, near the base of Knik Glacier. Peter Schadee and his wife Evelyne run the lodge with a distinctive European flair. They’re both from Holland, so it only makes sense.

“You should come next week when we have the flowers up,” said Evelyne. Even so, the lodge, with its 15 private cabins, offers a striking setting at the top of the Knik River Valley. It sits up high enough on the bluff to see across the river and to the mountains on the other side. Here’s a picture:


“You can’t see the glacier from here, but we offer trips up to the base in our four-wheel van,” she said–pointing to a heavy-duty rig parked in the front yard. With oversized tires and extra clearance, it’s obvious this van can go anywhere it wants to go along the ever-changing riverbed.

There are several trails in the area, both down to the river and up to the tops of the peak just outside the back yard.

Many guests take a trip with Tom Faussett, who runs an airboat up to the face of the glacier. He also will offer jetboat tours (a little quieter!!) as well as kayak trips. The four hour “Knik Glacier Tour” offers an up-close look at the glacier–allowing for some time to hike around and enjoy a snack. Remember to bring your hat and gloves! That glacier is COLD! 

Although each individual cabin at Knik River Lodge includes a ful kitchen, you can opt to take your meals at the open-air restaurant. See below. Note Evelyne and dog “Sam”. A fine dog!

Breakfast is included–lunch and dinner are “a la carte”. 

Oh, don’t worry about staying in touch. Even though you’re far away from everyone at the end of a dirt road in the wilderness, there’s Free Wi-Fi internet access. And your cell phones will work, too. Amazing.

Knik River Lodge is an Alaskan wilderness lodge you can drive to!

Call: (907)745-5002.


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