Yikes: New fees at Alaska Airlines

In Alaska Travelgram, Consumer by scott

Alaska Airlines finally caved and will institute the dreaded $25 fee for the second checked bag.

Plus, the airline plans a raft of new fees, starting May 21.

Here’s a preview:

a. $15 to book flights by phone or at the airport

b. $50 for overweight bags (each way)

c. $100 for taking pets aboard the plane

d. $75 unaccompanied minor fee (each way) 

e. $25 for a second checked bag (intra-Alaska passengers are exempt, as are MVP/MVPG mileage plan members)

More details about these new charges will follow. The “Great Unbundling” continues unabated. Many of these fees already were in place–but Alaska should not charge the extra-bag fee. I feel for them as they report their latest losses: $36 million for the first quarter or 2008.

Guess what? I’m losing money because of high fuel costs, too (not quite that much). But the charge to check a second bag is a fee for which travelers receive nothing–not even an assurance their bag will arrive on the same flight. 

Mad? Sad? Me, too. 

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