Air fare war? Skirmish? Dust-up?

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Let’s get one thing straight: air fares are going through the roof.

Fares are tracking the price of oil–so everything is up, up, up.

That’s why it’s important to lock in a good rate when you can! My folks are traveling in late May–and with these new rates, we’re saving them about $300. That’s real money!

Travel between now and June 12. There is a 14-day advance purchase.

Here are some more Alaska Airlines discounts for travel to/from Fairbanks: 

Fairbanks-Los Angeles  $623

Fairbanks-Chicago  $617

Fairbanks-Seattle  $578 

Fairbanks-Portland $599

 Fairbanks-San Francisco  $622

 Fairbanks-San Diego  $621

Fairbanks-Phoenix  $623

 Fairbanks-Las Vegas  $620

 Fairbanks-Denver  $621

Remember: all fares around roundtrip and include all those pesky surcharges and taxes. USTravel‘s $38 ticketing fee is additional. Check with Linda, Janelle and Glory in Fairbanks for details on these and other fares to/from the “Golden Heart” city of Fairbanks! Call them toll-free: (800) 622-6449. Ask them about hotels, cars, activities, cruises and other cool stuff to do on your vacation!

To and from Anchorage, the fares are a little less. Laura and the crew and USTravel’s Anchorage office are working overtime to get the latest info on these Spring specials.

Anchorage-Portland $497

Anchorage-Redmond/Bend 517

Anchorage-Medford 517

…and other cities in Oregon like Eugene, North Bend and Pendleton

Anchorage-Boise 517

Anchorage-Reno 537

Anchorage-Kalispell, MT 537

Anchorage-Great Falls, MT 537

…and other cities in Montana like Butte, Bozeman, Billings and Helena

Anchorage-Phoenix 537

Anchorage-Salt Lake City 508

Anchorage-Denver 508

Again, all fares include taxes, surcharges and government fees. USTravel’s $38 ticketing fee is additional. 

Why pay USTravel’s fee? Well, they find you the right flights for the right fare. Sometimes, we hit a home run on the internet. All the stars line up and everything is beautiful. But today, for example, it’s tough to tell the true cost of a ticket–tougher still to lock in the low fare that I know is out there.

That’s where USTravel comes in. Check online for the lowest fare. I do. Then make sure it’s the right fare for you. Call USTravel in Anchorage (800)544-2217 or (907)561-2434 or Fairbanks (800)622-6449.Stay tuned for more sale rates. Already, we’ve seen the travel dates pushed into mid-June. Watch for more cities.

USTravel also has offices in Ketchikan, Juneau, Kodiak, Dutch Harbor, Spokane and Prudhoe Bay. Learn more online


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