Schmoozing on Juneau, Alaska’s Capitol Hill

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As a registered voter in Alaska, I take an active interest in political developments. Alaska Airlines and the Community of Juneau provide a discounted air fare to visit Juneau and contact your state legislators in person–or to take care of state-related business. To get the discount, you need to have an account at That’s simple to set up if you do not have one. Once you get the account, go to “My Account” and look under “My discount codes” on the right-hand column. In that section, you should find the “Constituent Fare” discount. Copy and paste the number when you’re making your plans for travel to Juneau. I save a couple of hundred dollars on my ticket. Check out the picture with me and John Binkley. John was in Juneau to support “Susan Butcher Day”. The legislature is considering setting aside a day in March to honor Susan, who passed away from Cancer. Susan was best-remembered for winning the Iditarod four times. But she was so much more than that, as her husband shared with the Senate State Affairs Committee. The committee Chair, Sen. Lesil McGuire, spoke for many in the audience when she mentioned that Susan was a real Alaska hero.John Binkley and I

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