Y’all come: “Travel Secrets: REVEALED!” #PizzaBeerPrizes

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Y’all come! Join us at  “Travel Secrets: REVEALED” on Wed., Nov. 14, 2018 at the Alaska Aviation Museum on the shores of Lake Hood.

Get the INSIDE SCOOP on the latest tips and tricks to lock in those g-r-e-a-t travel deals.

So many of these tips, tricks and insider secrets CHANGE QUICKLY. We have the LATEST INFO. Don’t miss it.

What’s on tap? Well, beer from Moose’s Tooth. ONLY the finest for Alaska’s intrepid travelers! Pizza, too. Lots of MOOSE’S TOOTH PIZZA. HA

Plus **Travel Trivia **Travel Stories **Show-only discounts

WHO: You, that’s who. You’re a traveler….I just know it.BrokenToothBeer-935x1024
WHAT: We’re going to reveal the secrets you need to get the best airfares, the most for your frequent-flyer plan and some great tips on where to go and what to do (including some FUN adventures here in Alaska). Q-n-A, Q-n-A, Q-n-A
WHEN: Wed., Nov. 14, 6-8:30pm
WHERE: At the Alaska Aviation Museum.
WHY: Because you love to travel. Me, too.
HOW: CLICK THROUGH on this link to get your tickets online. SPACE IS LIMITED.

PRIZES: Oh, we’ve got ’em. Alaska Air tickets for two–ANYWHERE they fly! We’re still gathering up some other FUN prizes. Did I mention **Travel Trivia **Travel Stories **Show-only discounts? HA

Bring your questions–and be prepared to take some notes. We’ll have take-home handouts so you have the latest tools to help you travel more + spend less!


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