Alaska: 2-for-1

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Not just Anchorage. Not just your hotel. Not just the train, the flightseeing trip, the fishing charter. Not just the Alaska SeaLife Center. Nope–the WHOLE THANG.

The “Full Monty” if you will. Alaska: 2-for-1.

That’s the deal with the Great Alaskan TourSaver. Just in case you’re wondering, I actually co-produce this book. That means I can vouch for all 120+ travel companies and their 2-for-1 offers. I signed each and every deal–and boy is my hand tired.

How can you take advantage of the longest-running, state-wide, straight-up-no-chaser 2-for-1 travel deal in Alaska? Well, just order the book. It’s $99.95. There’s more than $22,560 in 2-for-1 deals. How do I know that? HA! ‘Cause I got out my calculator and added it up!

There are fabulous deals in the book (see below). But there’s a GOB of deals that net you more than the cost of the book itself.  Left, I took this pic at Kennicott Glacier Lodge (in the book!) . Remember–the book costs $100. So–here are a few of the deals that are MORE than $100. Stuff you’re GONNA use. I promise:

a. Kenai Fjords cruise with Major Marine. EVERYBODY has to do this cruise from Seward. Glaciers. Whales. Sea lions. Check. Check. Check. It’s awesome. It costs $149. So–if two of you go, you’re saving $149 on your $100 investment. OUCH–THE MATH HURTS–but that’s a 150 percent return on your initial investment. Right?  I made a video of the trip with my niece and her fiance. CLICK HERE TO VIEW IT.

b. Alaska Railroad from Anchorage to Fairbanks. Isn’t this part of the whole Alaska experience? The Railroad??? The Anchorage-Fairbanks trip is awesome. You can stop in Denali and get off for a few days, too (2-for-1 hotels, of course!). That ride from Anchorage to Fairbanks is anywhere from $167-$320 each way. Oh–there are several other adventures on the Alaska Railroad in the book, including Anchorage-Seward and the Spencer Glacier Whistlestop adventure. Here’s the video (also starring my niece and her fiance).

c. Dimond Center Hotel in Anchorage. Don’t let the location fool you. It’s right in the middle of a parking lot next to a shopping center. Actually, it’s the biggest shopping center in Alaska. But the rooms and the beds here are awesome. Summertime rates can go as high as $309 per night. But with the TourSaver, your second night is F-R-E-E. Why? ‘Cause that’s how we roll here at the Great Alaskan TourSaver.

d. Ninilchik Charters in Homer. I hope you’re planning your halibut and salmon-fishing charters now! We’ve got one for you–and it’s 2-for-1. These charters are $245 per person. With the TourSaver–Ah, you’re picking up on this aren’t you? Yep–2-for-1. No, really. 2-for-1. That means your friend pays $245 and you go free. As in F-R-E-E. That means you get to tip the captain!

So–those are a few of the BIG-MONEY coupons. But there are more than 130 offers in EACH book, so you can choose some of our other favorites, including:

1. 2-for-1 Alaska Native Heritage Center, Alaska SeaLife Center, Museum of the North (Fairbanks), Fountainhead Antique Car Museum (Fairbanks).

2. 2-for-1 Alyeska Tram ride, Mt. Roberts Tram ride (Juneau).

3. 2-for-1 FLIGHTSEEING with K2 Aviation (Talkeetna), Talkeetna Aero Services (Talkeetna), Era Helicopters (Juneau), Era Helicopters (Denali park), Taquan Air (Misty Fjords/Ketchikan).

4. 2-for-1 HOTEL/LODGE with Princess Lodges (Mt. McKinley, Denali Park, Copper River, Cooper Landing, Fairbanks), Valdez Harbor, Historic Skagway Inn, Narrows Lodge (Ketchikan), Juneau Hotel, Pike’s Landing (Fairbanks), Kennicott Glacier Lodge (Wrangell-St. Elias National Park), Chitina Hotel, Van Gilder Hotel (Seward).

5. 2-for-1 EPIC ADVENTURE with Alaska Alpine Adventures: a 7-day/6-night adventure in Lake Clark National Park. This includes air fare from Anchorage, all accommodations, meals and so forth. It’s a glorious adventure through some of Alaska’s most spectacular, undiscovered country.

See what I mean? This is an awesome book. At the risk of breaking my arm by patting myself on the back, I must say I get a little puffed up when talking about the book. Along with my business partner, Gary Blakely, this is the 13th year we’ve produced the book (This book was his idea, actually.). And it just keeps getting better and better.

So–order your book today. There’s a money-back guarantee, of course. I’m confident you’ll like it–just like thousands of other travelers.

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