Readers write: Anchorage-Portland $492rt

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Thanks to Jason G. who spotted this deal to Portland from Anchorage on Alaska Airlines‘ nonstop: “Alaska Airlines has a pretty good deal through May 10, 2008 for Anchorage-Portland,” he writes.

“It’s $492 all-in (inclusive of taxes and fees) on the nonstop flights. I fly to Portland almost monthly, and it’s usually close to $700 or $800…expensive enough that it’s usually cheaper to fly Continental to Seattle and rent a car!”

Thanks, Jason. Actually, I’m just south of Portland right now–after flying to Seattle and renting a car. So happy to know there is more than one cheapskate in the crowd.

Oh, I flew Alaska Airlines and they did a good job.On time. Absolutely packed flight. But the flight attendants were nice. I bought one of those little picnic packs for $5. Son Drew opted for the burger. I washed it back with a double-Club-Soda. It’s my favorite cocktail in coach. HA.

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